Posted by: kathyhugs | October 31, 2007


Last Friday our daughter’s headstone was placed at her gravesite. I haven’t been there to see it yet. It will be a reminder of how final this life is and I am not ready to see it yet. I will be going with purple carnations and some other things to mark her final resting place here on earth. But once more I am reminded that she is not there. She is in Heaven with God and she is singing and dancing and celebrating for all of eternity.

I miss her so much and even though I know that I will see her again some day I forget that she is gone. I find myself thinking that I need to tell her how her puppy Pixie is growing. How I heard a song on the radio that she would love, or I want to call her up to take a walk to see the leaves. This was our favorite time of the year. We loved going to Indiana Dunes State Park to walk among the trees and marvel at the leaves. I miss this time together. Our lives will never be the same.

God has wrapped His arms around us and I can feel His comfort and peace; otherwise I think that I would go crazy with my grief. But he comforts me as I mourn.

This season has been so hard yet I have never felt closer to God.

Tonia, I miss you sweetheart. Dance for joy and my heart will dance with you!


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