Posted by: kathyhugs | January 1, 2008


As 2008 begins, I can’t help but reflect over the last year. Tonia died 6 months ago today, which seems very unreal. At times it feels as if I just picked up the phone to talk to her and at other times it feels like my heart has always been broken. The last few days have been wonderful in many ways but also very sad. On December 30, JC turned 37 and it is hard to fathom the thought that he is celebrating another birthday while we are missing Tonia. When I start thinking like this I have to remember that although I don’t understand, I can trust God! Since Tonia’s death we have heard from old friends of hers and it has been great to reconnect with them. We have been surrounded by the prayers of our family and friends and we have felt God’s embrace around us! I do not think I could have gone through everything without the prayers of our friends.

Our prayer is that we can be used by God in 2008 in whatever way he chooses and that more of our family and friends come to know Christ as their Savior this year!

I will continue to write this blog this year as the events unfold.

With love!


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