Posted by: kathyhugs | January 30, 2008


Sharon called me today with good news and sad news. DJ (Tonia’s half brother) and Jessica have a new son! Congratulations to David and Donna (the new grandparents), Sharon, Julie, Peggy and great-grandparents David and Nancy! A new life to be celebrated and nurtured. What a very special gift from God!

Sharon also shared with me the loss of Daniel. Daniel was Tonia’s 31 year old cousin. He was the ring bearer in Rick’s and my wedding, while Tonia was our flower girl. I have the pictures of them walking down the aisle together. How sweet and innocent they both were. Danny taught Tonia to ride a motor scooter and they would go swimming in their backyard pool. Danny was 5 when Tonia was born and he told us that her ears “look like chocolate cookies”! I was in the grocery store with Danny, while I was still pregnant and in the middle of the store he yelled, “Aunt Kathy, how does the baby get food while it is still in your tummy?” Needless to say, a few of the shoppers, wondered how I was going to answer that!

How can another young life be gone? Sometimes I don’t know how I am feeling. Numb, sad, worried about Danny’s family, confused…. My prayer is that God’s comforting arms will wrap very tightly around everyone. There are no words tonight, only prayers.


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