Posted by: kathyhugs | February 4, 2008

Funerals, Family & Faith

Rick and I just returned from Indiana, we went to my nephew, Daniel’s, funeral. Unbelievable that another young person is gone. I have had a hard time getting any sleep thinking about Daniel, Chris and Tonia. On the way home we listened to the sermon that Pastor Matt gave the weekend of Tonia’s funeral. I have added a link to the download of the sermon. It is called A Meditation on Crying Out and Confidence. It reminded me that God hears our cries, even from the depths of the pit. He hears us and he says “have no fear”. God will never leave me or forsake me and he hears our cries!

During the weekend I was able to reconnect with so many family members. Heather, Tonia’s cousin and Daniel’s half sister was there with her husband and three kids! Daniel, Heather and Tonia were the three amigos. I have pictures of them together in the swimming pool and I remember Heather and Tonia, the two drama queens, begging to have “just five more minutes”. The would roll their eyes, use their puppy dog eyes, pout…anything to get 5 more minutes! Heather is beautiful and her kids are great! Hello Russ, it was great to meet you!

I also had a chance to meet DJ and Jessica’s new baby, he is wonderful. DJ and Peggy are Tonia’s half brother and half sister. What a time to try and get to know them.

It was a bittersweet weekend. The cycle of life and death goes on. Tonia and Daniel are gone but new lives are being born. My heart is so full, both of the joy of reconnecting and of the sadness of saying goodbye.

I don’t know how anyone can even survive after the death of a child without God. While I cry, he catches each tear. He hears my cries, he reaches out and carries me when I can’t take another step. Only God could have brought everyone together this weekend, hugging each other and promising to stay together and support each other!

To Sharon, David and Nancy: we love you. Our love and hugs will be with you as you miss Daniel! You are family!


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