Posted by: kathyhugs | February 5, 2008


This morning during my quiet time I was listening to Christopher Williams and specifically the song Speak Into Me. Very powerful song that spoke to my soul. I then read today’s devotion from Our Daily Strength. It spoke about how God created us to need each other. We were not put here on earth to be alone but to lift each other up, to stand beside each other, to listen to each other. God has made us to be in fellowship. Last night was supposed to be the first night of a Grief Share series at our church but the leader for last night became ill and canceled the class. I went to the church just to let people know the class was canceled and to hand out any information they may not have received. It turned out that there were 4 new ladies, including me, who came last night. It became such a sweet time of fellowship and sharing. Instead of leaving after they received the information we decided just to sit around and talk. We shared our hearts, our pain, and even a few sweet laughs. We became sisters in our grief. What a gift from God. I didn’t want to go last night because my heart was in such a turmoil but I knew I needed to be there. God kept poking me until I gave in and went. I am so grateful and humbled by the evening.

God made women so very different from men in some ways. We have an ability to become very open and vulnerable with each other almost immediately. My husband, Rick, says that I can go into the restroom and come out with a new best friend who I met there! 🙂 God created us to fill a need in each other’s souls.

To my new sisters from Grief Share, may God give you peace today. May your burdens be a little bit lighter for sharing them, and may you know that you have given me another reason to keep trusting and to keep going every day. Thank you for your hearts!

May our heavenly Father wrap you in His loving embrace as you start a new day and a new part of your journey! I love you!


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