Posted by: kathyhugs | February 6, 2008

Thoughts Crossing My Mind

Today is February 6 and the Grand Jury will be starting in just a few hours. I wonder who these people are; are they parents, sisters, sons? I couldn’t sleep anymore and when I got out of bed I started thinking about JC’s family. His mom lost a son last February and a daughter-in-law in July. I can’t imagine how she is viewing today. She has to be anxious and hurting also. I haven’t talked to her since late summer even though I think about her a lot. Tonia truly loved her in-laws. She talked about driving her mother-in-law to her doctor’s appointments and she talked about watching her make jewelry. Tonia’s sister-in-law lost her husband last February. She is a very strong lady and she has to be to raise two little girls without her husband. I love talking to her but I haven’t called recently. It has been awkward knowing that today will begin the legal process and knowing that JC’s family will be going through tough days ahead. I have been praying for them and that they come to know Christ as a personal savior and friend. That God comes into their hearts and home to bring comfort during this awful time. What sorrow to so many people!

My stomach is in knots just knowing that today begins this legal junk. Rick and I prayed for Lynn last night before we said good night. My heart is very heavy right now. I know that God is in control and I am so glad that so many people are praying for today. The waiting just to hear what transpired is what is hurting me. So I am going to keep busy. I am taking the car in to get new tires put on it. I am going to go grocery shopping and then friends are coming by to distract me. We will watch some silly movies and probably get weepy and punchy. I have some stuff I want to get put into my scrapbook so I will work on that. We will pray a lot for today and the days to come. But in reality we will just be together; sisters during the storms of life. God created us to need each other and when I have my friends around I feel so much more at peace. Rick will come home from work and find a goofy wife surrounded by giggling friends and all of the remnants of our day. As usual he will just grin, glad to see me laughing through the tears. He coined a new word “craughing” (craffing). It means crying and laughing at the same time. Which is what I do alot!

Today prayers will be sent up for us, for Lynn Grimshaw, for the jurors and the witnesses and “from me” for the Amato family. May God’s presence be very evident and may His peace surround everyone. Thank you God for being my rock and my strong tower. Never changing, always present, a voice in the storm!


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