Posted by: kathyhugs | February 7, 2008

Grand Jury 2

Well we know that the Grand Jury made a decision but not what the decision is, we have to wait for the legal system to work through the process. But it is another step forward, another item to say that we got through it. God brought two wonderful friends to keep me company today: Roni and Sue you are the best! Thank you for letting me cry, talk, look at pictures and even watching part of a silly movie together. Sue mentioned that we are in a marathon and that I can’t try to sprint or I will burn out. Well our friends have been in the marathon with us and they are still around. How amazing and how wonderful!

Tomorrow we may know what the legal system will do next but if not then we wait and we trust.

Update on Thursday: 2:30 pm and still no news and I talked with Lynn and he has not heard that anything has moved forward either. He warned us that it could be a few days but waiting is difficult. Patience is what I need to work on! Lynn has been wonderful and he did tell us that he could tell that people were praying because everything went very smoothly and much faster than we thought it would go yesterday.


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