Posted by: kathyhugs | February 8, 2008


Today as I was with my friends for lunch the phone call came in from Lynn Grimshaw that we had been waiting for but dreading. Our son-in-law, JC Amato, has been arrested for the murder of our daughter, Tonia. All along I really didn’t want to believe it. I almost wanted them to figure out that someone else had done it and that JC was just there. I know that is crazy but I didn’t want to think that someone we tried so hard to get to know, to bring into our family and to care about, could commit this horrible act. According to the news he was already released on bond and he is under house arrest. I think I am still in a little bit of shock. We have been waiting and waiting and then all of a sudden, BOOM, the arrest happens, bail is decided and he is released. I guess a sense of relief that this part of the news is done with. We can at least go into the weekend without wondering what the new week will hold.

I am so grateful that I was there with my friends, they immediately prayed with me and I was able to calm down enough to drive home. Rick and I made phone calls to all of our family and friends just to give them the news that we had. More will come up as time goes by.

I don’t think I know how I am truly feeling yet. Not sure how to even process this. I do know that we are not alone and that is unbelievably wonderful. Prayers are needed and felt by all of us!


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