Posted by: kathyhugs | February 25, 2008

Thank you!

When our daughter, Tonia, was killed on July 1st I had no idea of how much are lives were about to change. We have had to learn how to plan a funeral for our child. We have had to learn new legal terminology. We have learned to ask questions of detectives, the coroner and the prosecutor in order to understand what is happening. We have learned that grief comes in waves that are unpredictable. But I have also learned that joy will come in the morning!

I started this blog in order to write about our girl. I wanted people to remember that she was a daughter and a sister, a friend, a niece and a grand-daughter. It has become so very special to us. We have received so many beautiful emails and comments over the last months since I started this blog. I took the time this weekend to put them all together in one place and I was overwhelmed by your love and prayers. Friends, family and people who were once strangers have reached out to all of us with compassion and sharing our tears. I am amazed how God created all of us to be in need of hugs and touch and love. Whether it is a hug in church or an “electronic hug” over the internet they have given us a reminder that we are not alone. You have shared stories about seeing Tonia at the store and getting one of her sweet waves. Stories about Tonia out walking the dogs and talking to everyone in her neighborhood. Even stories from her high school prom! Thank you doesn’t say enough.

We know that we still have a long way to go to heal our hearts. With the legal stuff starting to happen I know that we will be reliving Tonia’s life and death again and again. But I have the stories, the memories, the hugs and the prayers to help us to continue to survive and even begin to find a new purpose in life. As we wait to hear when the next court appearance will happen, we wait to hear when another legal motion has been filed or when we sit in court during the trial we will be remembering all of the love and prayers that have been said for us!

So this morning, Thank you! You can’t imagine how much you have meant to us. May God abide in your hearts and your homes this week with His perfect love and grace!


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