Posted by: kathyhugs | July 11, 2008

Little Things that Make Me Smile

I love bears. I have statues of bears, I have stuffed bears. I even have some kitchen towels that have bears on them. Today I have a new Build-A-Bear. My first build-a-bear was given to me by my husband for Christmas after our son went off to college. He has a Penn State t-shirt and it was just a comfort to have him around. After Tonia died we went into her home trying to salvage a few mementos. I was really looking for a doll that I had made Tonia when she was 3 years old. Her name was Patty Ann. We looked all over until I couldn’t take being in the house anymore and we never found her. I knew that Tonia had her because she had just come to our house to get her a few months before she died. I was so disappointed. When my sister came out to visit shortly after this; we each decided to make a favorite animal as a sweet remembrance of Tonia. She made a purple Hippo and called it by a nickname of Tonia’s. I made a bear, of course, and named it Patty Ann. She sits in my dining room and it is just a sweet reminder of when Tonia was small.

So today I finally have a purple bear. I have wanted one but didn’t want to spend the money and I didn’t want to give in to the reason I wanted a new bear. Since I can no longer have any other children (not that I was planning to!); I decided I wanted a bear with a name that I had picked out years ago if we had anymore kids. Danielle Rae or Danny Rae for short. So yes, I am silly, sentimental and goofy but when my package came in the mail; I smiled and hugged a new friend. She is just a reminder to me that I can enjoy life. That it is okay to have fun and be silly and that God provides a rainbow even in the middle of a storm. So on the nights when I am lonely or just need to cuddle something, I have Danny Rae. Simple Things: a hug, a smile and a bear make my day a little bit brighter. God provides just when we need a bit of sunshine! Hugs and Love to you today!


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