Posted by: kathyhugs | July 21, 2008

Legal Issues and the next two Months

We met with Lynn Grimshaw, the prosecutor in the trial, this past Friday. We just talked about what will be happening and how we can prepare ourselves. It was a very emotional meeting but it was a necessary step in this process.

As things get closer to happening or if their are any delays, I will be posting the information here. We know that a delay is possible so we are trying to continue on with our lives as normally as possible. As of today, jury selection will begin on Tuesday, September 16 in Columbiana County, Ohio. When the jury selection is finished then the trial will begin. We will be in the courtroom for the entire process along with some family and friends. I understand that the courtroom is very small so we will wait to see who can actually come in with us. We are having to learn about the legal system which has only been made possible through Lynn and other people who have emailed me with comments and suggestions. Of course we wish that we didn’t have to learn this but the more prepared we are then the shock MAY be a little bit less to handle. We can’t say thank you enough for all of the prayers of everyone. It has helped us to feel a bit more calm during this legal nightmare.

That’s it for now. Love and hugs!


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