Posted by: kathyhugs | September 4, 2008

The Presence of God

As we wait for another chapter in our lives to unfold in the near future, I am surrounded by the grace and mercy of God. Just when I feel that I can’t handle any other emotions or any other changes, God gives me a sense of peace that gets me through that rough moment. I read somewhere that the strongest prayer is not asking for an earthly need but a prayer asking to be brought into the presence of God. Letting go of the control and need to know and instead asking God to dwell within me has been one of the greatest gifts. I only feel God’s presence when I truly let go of me and embrace Him. When I struggle to maintain control then I am hurt. My struggle is within me and it even creates problems within my family. We fight over seeing things in a different light and then we have to work our way back to the unity we usually have.

Tonia is with God. Our lives here on this earth are forever changed, a new normal is here to stay. We have had choices to make: to be bitter and angry or to accept what is and find out how we can be used while we are still alive. We can choose to be victims or we can choose to be survivors. We can choose to seek revenge or we can choose to forgive. We can allow the horror to make us cynical and mistrusting or we can choose to believe in the goodness deep within every human being.

I choose to survive, thrive, and to live in the blessing of now! I choose forgiveness, I choose belief in people and I choose LIFE!

I know I will need to read this over and over as circumstances become overwhelming but I will continue to remember that God is merciful and that He is my strength. The light penetrates the darkness every time!

Thank you Abba Father for today and for the promise of eternity.


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