Posted by: kathyhugs | September 18, 2008

JC Arrested on New Charges

In the last 36 hours there has been a twist in the legal proceedings. Our son-in-law, JC Amato, was arrested after a search warrant found guns and pipe bombs at his father’s home where he has been living. I am overwhelmed at this time but I will be writing more over the next several days.

Please keep all of the families in your prayers as this all hits the news!

Friday afternoon:
Okay, Here is the scoop. Lynn Grimshaw had a search warrant issued to search Dr. Amato’s home for any other gun, bullets or casings that might have been used in the death of our daughter, Tonia. When the police started searching the residence, they confiscated a number of guns including: a .30-caliber handgun, .22-caliber rifle and 12-gauge shotgun in JC’s apartment. They also found several small pipe bombs. The Youngstown bomb squad was called in. JC was arrested and a preliminary hearing set $100,000 cash bond in order for him to get released from jail. As of today he is still in jail and his arraignment hearing will be September 23. There he can plead guilty or not guilty. We will know more then. Right now there has not been any charged filed on the pipe bombs but this may change at any time.

My first reaction was shock. I was overwhelmed by the news. What is happening to this man that he would make these choices? After having time to think about it and pray about it, we are feeling very sorry for JC’s mother, Barb and we are very concerned for JC’s sister-in-law and her small children. They live at the Amato’s and the kids were home during the search. Please keep this small family in your prayers. These children have been through so much and to have to have this additional shock to their world!

We don’t have any idea what will happen next. The information has to be analyzed by the prosecutor and his team. We are grateful to leave it in his hands. Just more stuff to process and to think about and to remind us that this journey we are on doesn’t have an end in sight.

We are never fully prepared for any of this news but we also know that other that to respond in the only way we can, trusting God for the outcome and for His strength, we have to concentrate and keeping our family intact and communicating all of the mixed up emotions. Do we celebrate the fact that evidence was found? Do we celebrate the fact that JC is in jail? Do we worry about the other families involved? Do we mourn the loss all over again that started this nightmare? Do we thank God for the people we do trust and lean on for understanding? Do we question the future? How do we lead a “normal” life when we get different pieces of news? Our lives have been forever changed and all we can do is to hold on tightly to God through roller coaster.

We are blessed to have people in our lives that pray for us and that we can lean on to help us stay strong and focused! Thank you dear friends!



  1. Hi,this is J.C.’s cousin Theresa Amato who lives in Columbus! I have read every post you have ever made in this blog! I love the things you write and as you know I am still healing as well. I have been to 9 funerals in the past 4 years and I am saddened that Tonia counted as one of them. As I have been reading I was thinking of telling about the last memory that I have of Tonia. I will try to give as much detail asI can remember! We were at Jacks house and Tonia says,”I would love to go see the horses down the road from here! Theresa would you like to bring Mikey and Aria along with us?” of course I said yes. So we got on to a golf cart type thing called a mule. We all go down the road and we pet the horses and we laughed and told jokes. Her laugh still comes into my memory very clearly! On that day I knew I would remember this exact moment forever! I have told very few people about this memory. It seemed to make a lot of sense to share this with you! Your family means a lot to me and I hope our family means the same to you! with love Theresa Amato

  2. Theresa,I remember the story of the horses because Tonia called me the next day and said that she was worried that no one was loving them enough and that all of you had gone to see them. She was thrilled that she could share her love for horses with the kids. She loved all of you and I count you as family! Please give everyone a hug from me.Kathy

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