Posted by: kathyhugs | November 1, 2008

Weapons Indictment

This week the Columbiana County Grand Jury met and JC was indicted on 5 counts of having weapons. What this means is that since these are felony charges the defense asked to have the jurors decide if there was enough evidence to go to trial. The jurors have stated that yes there is enough evidence. What happens next? JC can plead guilty in front of a judge and be sentenced, he can make a plea bargain or a trial date will be set. The trial must take place before December 18 unless he waives his right to a quick trial. The law states that a defendant must be tried within 270 days of their arrest but since he has been in jail without getting bailed out, he gets 3 days credit for every one he serves so 270/3 = 90 days!

Our prayer continues to be that someone can talk to and pray with JC and get him the spiritual help he needs! He is a child of God and his eternal soul is in jeopardy. We are thrilled that he is off the streets and no longer a threat to anyone at this time. My heart breaks for his mother. I can’t imagine how she is feeling through all of this. Please keep all of the families involved in your prayers. JC’s actions have had a ripple effect on many families and the community of Wellsville.

May God hold all of us very close!


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