Posted by: kathyhugs | November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Blessings

Today was an exceptional day. I had Thanksgiving dinner with my two favorite guys and I was able to remember how blessed I truly am. Rick, Sean & I had a very quiet afternoon at home and they are having a post dinner nap! Dessert will be served soon and they will wake up for that!!

This morning I was at the church’s outreach dinner and instead of blessing others as was my intention I was blessed by God. Rick and I went and picked up a very nice lady who needed a ride to the church. We had a wonderful conversation at the table but my seat was needed by others so they could eat.

I went walking around the room just saying hello, looking for a chance to help out and wishing everyone Happy Thanksgiving. As I was walking around I noticed a man sitting at a full table. He was pushing his food around on his plate and he was slightly hunched over and not talking at all. He looked up and as I caught his eye, I was blown away by the depth of the hurt I saw. I walked up to him and asked him if he was enjoying his dinner (even though I already knew the answer). He responded with, I am trying. I commented that he appeared to be troubled about something and could I pray for him. He said that he was worried about his health and that he wasn’t doing to well. I knelt by his side and held out my hand asking him if I could pray right then. His eyes started tearing up and he said yes. “Father you are our great provider and healer. Please give my brother peace over his health. If it is your will heal his body and give him peace. Let him know that you are there for him and that you love him….In Jesus name we pray. Amen”.

He started to cry and jokingly said that he hadn’t come there to cry. I told him that God caught all of our tears in his hand and that one day He would wipe away every tear from our eyes, our bodies would be healed and we would be celebrating in Heaven. He asked if I truly believed that. “Yes, I know Christ as my Savior and he has promised that we will spend eternity in Heaven with him. Our hurts will be gone and our tears will be wiped away”. He again started to cry and said that he needed to be assured of that fact. I hugged him as he said that he was ready to eat his dinner now. God is so good! I needed to be reminded of my blessings and what the holidays truly mean. My heart has not been ready for Christmas shopping and decorating and putting up a tree. I had forgotten that we are celebrating the freedom we have here on Earth but even more we will soon be celebrating the birth of the Savior who died for my sins. Amazing Grace….I once was blind but now I see!

May God bless you and your family on this beautiful Thanksgiving. May the Advent season remind you of the gift that God has offered to all of us.



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