Posted by: kathyhugs | December 4, 2008

Trial? Not Yet!

On Tuesday, December 2nd, our son-in-law, JC Amato, appeared for a pre-trial hearing on the 5 weapons charges. The pre-trial was heard by Judge C. Ashley Pike after Judge Tobin excused himself. A trial date of December 16th was set. But wait the defense needs to weigh in and delay things. Attorney James Hartford has stated that he will be filing a motion challenging the legality of the search warrant. Since Judge Tobin will not hear any case to do with the Amato family and Judge Pike issued the search warrant then a visiting judge will have to be assigned and brought in to hear the motions. Judge Pike has already stated that he will postpone the trial as soon as Hartford files the new motion. So once again a delay has occurred.

It is frustrating to have to wait for justice to be served but we have stated and have to keep reminding ourselves that justice on this earth may not be done in the way we would want or in the time we would like. God has the last word in all of this. What I do want people to remember that the legal stuff started when JC murdered our daughter, Tonia. He made a choice to pull the trigger and he made a choice to have loaded weapons in his room. He also made a choice when he had pipe bombs and parts in his room at his father’s house. Our daughter did not choose to die. JC chose to kill her. He is in jail for Christmas and his birthday. Tonia is in Heaven!

The legal issues must continue to follow the designated route but I will not let Tonia be forgotten. I plan on being in the courtroom whenever JC goes to trial and either charge! The judge and the jury need to remember that a life was taken away because someone else made a choice.

I have said that I forgive JC and I do; but I also know that forgiveness doesn’t mean that he isn’t held accountable, here on earth or throughout eternity. I miss my daughter. I will not let the legal issues forget the face behind these cases. Tonia, I love you! Mom



  1. Hi Kathy,Just checking in to see how things are progressing with the case. Hope everyone in your family is happy and healthy and well. Our holidays are a bit somber this year – Mom passed in July, and I’m just not quite in the holiday mood. Anyway, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all.

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