Posted by: kathyhugs | December 26, 2008

Christmas & New Year Thoughts!

Well Christmas Day is over. What a beautiful yet sad day this year. My wonderful guys spent the day with me as we opened gifts, celebrated the gift of Christ and celebrated being home together. It was wonderful.

But this year it was also very evident that Tonia was missing from my life. The table was set for three. My heart was missing Tonia as we watched the movies that we used to sing together to. I think this year was harder than last year. Last year we had more family around and I think I was still in a bit of shock and denial but now it is very real that my heart has lost a huge chunk. As we watched the Nativity Story and I cried over the gift that God gave us when he sent his son to be born: I was seeing Tonia in Heaven having fun and celebrating with God. What a joy and comfort but my heart is still hurting. God is healing me with his love and compassion but the scar will always be there where part of my heart has been ripped away!

This past year and a half has brought some very special new friends into my life. These new friends have either lost loved ones and we talk and cry and support each other or they have gone through some struggles and we help to remind each other of how good God is! God’s message to us to be in fellowship is the pin that holds us all together in love. So I just want to say I love each of you and tell you how much you have blessed my life!

To Kathy, whose dad was murdered: you are an amazing woman, I am so glad that we can share our hearts. I can’t wait to meet face to face one day! Facebook gives us a chance to become closer and share our lives!

To Linda, who lost her son, you have walked the path before me and have helped me to figure out all of the little things, like what flowers to plant so the deer will not eat them! Thank you for making our path a little bit easier.

To Laurie, whose son has been fighting cancer, we have been friends forever. Sometimes very close and at other times far away but always in each others heart!

To Sharon, who lost her husband, you are so strong and brave. I love hearing how you have taken a trip to visit family and friends. Your life has not stopped it has just taken a new path. You go girl!

To Lynette, who lost her dad, you have encouraged and loved others with your gift of
compassion and grace. Your email messages to me lift me up when I am feeling blue. Your hugs are wonderful!

To Nancy, whose son was murdered, mother to mother my heart aches when we talk yet I
know that you understand everything that we are going through. Knowing that I can be happy one minute and sad the next is okay with you. We have laughed and cried. Thank you for allowing me to be me!

There are so many more people who I have come to know and love. Friends who have been there as we wait news of the Grand Jury (Sue and Roni). Friends who have encouraged me to share our story (Julie). Friends who are family who have loved us just as we are (mom and dad, Bill and Pat) and so many more! The students in our lives who I can hug and have fun with and even shed a few tears. You give me another reason to trust God for the future. You are all amazing and you bless me every day!

So as the New Year gets closer, I only have one wish. That your 2009 be as blessed as my life has been with you a part of it. God gives us a family to lift us up and help to ease our pain. You have been my family!

Love and hugs!



  1. You’re such a sweetheart Kathy. I feel very very fortunate to have gotten to know you over the last few months. You’ve inspired me so much more than you will ever know. Looking forward to meeting you some day 🙂 Love, Kathy M.

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