Posted by: kathyhugs | January 10, 2009

Supreme Court appoints judge

James Hartford has filed a motion challenging the legality of the search warrant used in September. This is the search warrant that was looking for the weapon that killed our daughter, Tonia. What was discovered is why the warrant is being challenged. The police found 5 loaded weapons, 3 pipe bombs, and 18 parts to make more pipe bombs. Our son-in-law, JC Amato, has been indicted by the Columbiana County Grand Jury on 5 counts of having weapons and another charge for the pipe bombs. So the trial which should have happened in December has been canceled. Hartford filed a motion in Columbiana County but the problem is there are only two judges there who can rule on the motion. One Judge Tobin, has recused himself due to his relationship with the Amato family. The other judge, C.Ashley Pike, was the judge who issued the warrant and who will be presiding over both trials. So he has recused himself of hearing this motion. Now the Ohio Supreme Court has to get involved and appoint a visiting judge. They have appointed Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr. from Jefferson County to decide the legality of the warrant. Just one more twist in this saga. So now Judge Bruzzese has to get in touch with both attorneys to set a hearing date, the hearing will have to be held, a decision will have to be made and THEN when he decides it was legal, the case will be back in Judge Pike’s courtroom. Then Judge Pike will have to set a new trial date and there will be a pre-trial hearing and who knows what will happen then.

I never would have chosen to get this much first hand knowledge of the legal system but for some reason God has given us this task. I am feeling more and more convicted that there is another reason for us to learn how all of this feels. But quite honestly I have been trying to run and hide from any other changes or decisions in our life. Just getting through the day to day uncertainties has been a challenge for me. I wake up every morning and have a long talk with God as I am in the shower preparing for my day. I usually start out griping at how I am feeling, confessing that my strength is not sufficient and then surrendering to God’s purpose in my life. I then ask God to give me his strength to face the day. This conversation is repeated almost every morning. I am not proud of the fact that my emotions get the best of me every morning. I am at my most vulnerable in the morning hours. But when I step out of the shower I am starting to put on the armor of God. I do feel that I am in a battle. A battle with my weak human nature, a battle with Satan who fills my mind with lies and a battle with the outside world that keeps throwing negative messages my way. My armor begins with my communicating with God. He then gives me my time in the car listening to praise music to feed my soul and then once I am at work I stop at the chapel to spend some time reading from my bible and listening to God’s voice. I always feel better after leaving the chapel. I may still be stressed but now I have turned to the rock in my life that gives me strength and a secure footing for my day. I usually start humming or singing softly as I walk around at work the rest of the day.

Not my strength but Yours! Thank you God for being my armor, my rock, my Abba father who holds me and comforts me. I love you!



  1. I need to start my morning that way. I have known for sometime that I should, but I have ignored that idea for fear of having to get up yet earlier (it’s already 5:30). Thanks for nudging me. 🙂

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