Posted by: kathyhugs | January 16, 2009

SOS Club & Other Thoughts

Last night I met with my “girls”. Deb, Sue, Roni and I are all married with children. We are friends and they are the kind of friends that I can count on, be honest with, vent and be held accountable. I named us the SOS Club for Save Our Spirits! It is very necessary to get out once in awhile with just the girls; no husbands, no children. We are planning a great Valentine’s weekend event. The 4 couples are getting together to snack, socialize and watch the DVD “Fireproof”. If you haven’t seen the movie, rent it or better yet buy a copy and watch it with your spouse. Our marriages are worth fighting for, to become the union that God designed! Fight for the passion, the friendship, the relationship that God planned when you first said I do! I know that lately I haven’t been the easiest person to live with. Wednesday night I had a meltdown moment and Rick got the raw end of the deal. I have apologized but when he gets home tonight I need to say it again face to face. We need each other and we can either work very hard to keep our marriage strong or we can let the outside stress of the world tear us apart. I choose to fight! God brought us together and against the odds we have made it and thrived.

We were created to be in relationships: first with God, second with our spouse and family and then with our friends. Each relationship should help the other one not tear it down. Rick and I love getting together with other couples just to have fun and fellowship. We also have our own activities with our friends that we do alone. He loves to play racquetball on Monday nights. I can’t even hit the silly ball! I love to sit over coffee for hours talking about life, a good book, or any other issue that comes up. Speaking of books: I just finished a good fiction book for the first time. I will be rereading it over and over. It it “The Shack”. It is fiction! It is not a true story! It asks questions of God about why bad things happen. The main character’s daughter is kidnapped and murdered. The main character is angry and confused and hurt. He wants to believe and understand but “the great sadness” is hanging over him. He gets to spend three days talking to God face to face. I will not tell you what happens but it gave me some things to think about. I think I am going to see if I can get a group together to discuss this book. Back on topic!

My SOS Club and my husband fill a need in my heart! A need to reach out and touch each others souls. A need to listen and to share. A need to be hugged and feel the warmth of a touch and a smile. Since God created us in His image then he wants to have these kind of relationships with us! I love falling into God’s embrace and feeling His love wrap me up in warmth and comfort. I love to pour out my fears, my loves, my tears and my laughter and know that he is listening and loving me! I love that I can “sleep when the wind blows” (see my earlier post).

Right now as the thermometer only reads -7; I am glad that I can be home, sharing my heart, wrapped in a blanket with my two dogs sitting next to me and drinking a cup of coffee! But I am especially grateful for my husband and friends! I love you!


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