Posted by: kathyhugs | March 27, 2009

Grief Lessons

Well it had been an interesting week. After being very busy over the last two weekends and then having a disagreement with a family member, I crashed. I haven’t slept well and I was feeling very discouraged and blue and once again I was questioning why!

Why do I feel this way?
Why has our life taken this path?
Why do I have to fight my attitude about going to work?
Why am I fighting with people I love?
Why is my daughter gone?
Why is God asking us to change more of our life and start new tasks and ministries?
Why am I so resentful?
Why, why, why, why?

The questions don’t have answers that make sense right now. The only thing I know is that that my heart hurts. I know that I have so many friends who care about me and who pray for me. For now I will hold on to those prayers.

It seems that every time we have a really good day or a really good weekend then I crash. I invest so much of myself in the day to day living and caring and trying to reach out to others and I forget that I need to refresh myself and I need to lean on God’s strength and not my own. I can’t reach out and love others if I don’t first fill up on God’s word and God’s love!

So tonight I am going to go to sleep early, wake up and spend time with God and then go to work. And somewhere in the mix have a really good, cleansing cry!

May God bless you! Hugs!


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