Posted by: kathyhugs | June 19, 2009

attacks & storms

Recently I have realized that Satan in trying to isolate us from other believers. I need to surround us with prayers and the fellowship of other believers, immediately! Please keep us in your prayers.

God is so amazing but sometimes I try to solve things by myself. I fail every time! Recently I have been trying to deal with several issues in our lives just by ignoring them, facing them down, talking too much, trying to solve them NOW and holding on to issues that were settled before. God takes care of all of the details in my life but in His time.

On Wednesday night God was very real and very present. I was working my usual twelve hour shift when I realized that it was getting dark and the rain had started. I checked the weather channel and realized we were under thunderstorm and tornado warnings. I checked the radar and saw that the storm was still west of us and made the decision to leave work early so I could get home. I left work at 6:40 pm. I made a really bad decision to go home via Route 65 instead of the highway. I was on 65 for about 10 minutes when the skies opened up. It was raining so hard I had a hard time seeing. Traffic slowed down and hazard lights came on. I hit one puddle after another but it was still okay.

Two cars in front of me was a low riding black car. Suddenly the rain picked up even more and I watched a wave of water come from my right. The black car was caught in the current and swept half way into the oncoming traffic lane before he could stop. The SUV in front of me made the decision to try to get around him by also heading to the left into the oncoming traffic. I was already in the water with a semi behind me. I decided to try to continue straight ahead thinking I would have more traction. The black car had water up to the bottom of his passenger door as I passed him on the right. My check engine light flickered several times before I made it through the water. There was a gas station ahead of me so I pulled over and started crying and shaking. I called Rick on my cell phone and he talked to me until I was able to calm down. 65 northbound was baked up and cars were turning around. later I found out it was closed for a short while due to water and debris. To make a long story short, Rick remembered that a friend lived just east if where I was so I drove to her house so I could get out of the car and the storm while I figured out how to get home. I stayed there for about 40 minutes. I had to head back into Pittsburgh so I could get to Highway 60 and head home. I finally made it home at 11:10 that evening.

So many things could have gone wrong but God was driving my car that night. I don’t have the skills to navigate through that much water or to make the decisions that I did. He used Rick and my friend, Nancy, to get me through a very tough situation.

I was so happy to be home!


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