Posted by: kathyhugs | June 22, 2009


Yesterday was Father’s Day and in honor of my husband I would like to share some very special things about him. We have been married for 23 years and we plan on renewing our vows for our 25th wedding anniversary. We did not have a relationship with God when we got married so for our 25th anniversary we wanted to have the opportunity to acknowledge God’s role in our marriage. He is my best friend, my confidant, my accountability partner and my life partner.

He is a fantastic father to our children. They have driven him crazy at times as they have grown and tested the waters but he will give up sleep to take the time to talk and he will fly home suddenly when something has come up in their lives.

Rick is such a strong Godly man. He studies God’s word to know the steps we need to take as a family and as a couple. He also admits when he is wrong and asks for forgiveness. He comes to me for advice whether it is about his job, his family or a matter at church. He treats other with compassion and love. There have been many times when I find him deep in conversation with someone at church as they are looking for advice or just a listening ear.

When Tonia died he was my rock. We held each other and cried. We supported each other as we had to go to the funeral home and pick out a casket. He held me as we said goodbye at her funeral. For a few months we were having some communication challenges. I have described it as two trains heading in the same direction but at different speeds and on different tracks. We had to learn a new language; a language of grief and frustration. But we worked through the issues and soon we were once again traveling together!

He has changed so much since he accepted God into his heart. He is more laid back and loose. Seeing him with a baseball hat on backwards is still a bit of a shock but it is a part of him. Watching him play ultimate Frisbee or volleyball with all of “our kids” is pure joy.

He tried so hard to be an example to our son. He tries to demonstrate how God wants a man to act toward his wife and to other people. They are so much alike that they butt heads once in a while but I quickly hear Rick’s voice coming out of Sean’s mouth! Their sense of humor is identical. At times I am laughing more at them then I am at the movie we are all watching.

Rick, Happy Father’s Day. You continue to amaze me. I love you!


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