Posted by: kathyhugs | November 16, 2009

H.U.G.S. Update

This is the idea I have for the future. It is not in place yet but I wanted to share the vision that I believe God is giving to me. Please help me by praying for this ministry idea. There is still so much work to be done and God has to open a bunch of doors before this can get started but the foundational principles are being laid.

Healing Under God’s Shelter (HUGS) Ministry:

A ministry Group for those affected by Homicide, Suicide or other sudden traumatic deaths
What we offer:
• direct support to those bereaved through homicide, suicide or other sudden traumatic deaths.
• people who care, enabling you to meet with people who can understand your pain, to share with each other, your fears, to know that it is ok to cry and to realize that it is also ok to laugh knowing that you won’t be judged by your actions.
• healing & grace through a relationship with Jesus Christ and with other believers
• tools to enable you to forgive when you are ready
• To raise public awareness about the effects of murder and manslaughter on families and friends through speaking, writing and classes
• support through the legal process and to help answer questions about the legal issues that come up due to your loss

What we do not do:
• Offer professional counseling services but we do have a list of counselors available
• Petition courts about the legal case
• Answer the question why or how you could have changed or stopped this event
• Seek revenge, retaliation or punitive damages


  1. Hi Kathy,God Bless you and your family. I have followed the story of your daughters death and I am so sorry for your loss and I'm sorry it is taking so long to go to trial. I have to tell you what caught my interest at first was the Amato name. This is hard for me to say but I must. My son was arrested on 12/12/2004 and Chris Amato was appointed as my sons attorney. My son was involved in a crime that took a mans life. I think and pray for that family everyday. My heart is broken. I have to deal with the facts and I accept what happen but my spirit is wounded. If not for my Faith and Love I can't imagine how much worse this journey would be. My son is in prison doing 15-life. I have to tell you I am the first person to say my son deserves to be where he is but I still support and love him. Richie and I have talked about his crime many times. Richie told me he pays his respect to the victim, Brad VanHorn, and he keeps his family in his prayers daily. I just want you to know I have prayed for your family often. My name is Valerie Rimoldi, my sons name is Richie Forrester. I can tell you I may not be a victim of crime but I hurt as I never knew possible yet I know my pain is nothing compared to that of the victims family. Hugs to you and yours

  2. Valerie,Thank you for sharing your story with me. My heart aches for you and your family. You two have lost someone because the son and the plans you once had are gone. You too have a need to be heard and to be loved. You have been affected by the choices your son made. If God chooses to use me to start this support and prayer group I want anyone who has been affected by a homicide, suicide or any other sudden traumatic death to be able to come and share their story and find compassion and healing. Please keep in touch! Much love and hugs to you both!

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