Posted by: kathyhugs | November 26, 2009

A Prayer Request for a Young Lady

This week I had the honor to take care of a very special young lady at Children’s Hospital. Her parents have given me permission to share her story. I told her that I know the most fantastic group of prayer warriors!

Here goes:

On Monday evening at work we got the news that on Tuesday we would be starting a new patient on a research chemotherapy drug. Because I had been involved in the discussions about the drug and I had read through the study papers the decision was made that I would take care of her the next day. At that point all I knew was that her name was Heather, she was 11 years old and she would be arriving on our unit in the morning. That evening as I was sleeping I had a dream about her and her family and I woke up praying for them. I shared my prayers with Rick and together we started praying for Heather and her family. The prayer was a simple one, that God would be very evident to them today and that I could be used in some way in their lives.

When Heather, her mom, Wendy, and her dad, Meach, arrived at the unit I walked up to them and knew that there was going to be a very special bond. Heather’s older sister, Hannah, stayed home with her grandparents. Heather was nervous about coming into the unit and meeting another new nurse. But very shortly I could see the tension start to drain from her body and her spunky smile was shining for all the world to see!

She is a beautiful young lady who has had a journey with so many ups and downs. She is a huge Steelers fan and she has been adopted by the entire team. She met Troy Polomolu at the hospital and he had become a dear friend of hers. Her Make-A-Wish was to go to Steelers camp. She was interviewed on The Today Show by Tiki Barber about her experience. Heather has a care page that talks about her journey with cancer, it is Her page is listed under HeatherMillerFROG.

Heather has Ewing Sarcoma and she has a tough fight ahead of her. But she knows God and her life is a living example of how God can use all of us to shine His light into the world. Heather has a motto: F.R.O.G Fully Rely On God. She has a bracelet with her name, a frog face and this motto on it. If you want to support her in prayer and want a bracelet: email

My request is that you read her story. Get to know this wonderful family and keep them in your prayers! They are a part of my heart and a part of the family that God has put together. I have never been so honored to be able to help out in such a small way to make their moments at the hospital just a bit better! They brighten my life with their presence.

Meach, Wendy, Hannah and Heather: God bless you this Thanksgiving. My love and hugs are with you! HUGS!


  1. Kathy, I just spent the past hour reading your blog. Words can't even begin to touch the emotions I have running through me FOR YOU right now. Reading every single post in your blog makes me all the more rejoice in the fact the God placed us together on Tuesday for a reason. THE HUMMING YOU DID SO BEAUTIFULLY IN OUR ROOM, THE PANG YOU MUST HAVE FELT WHEN MEACH ASKED ABOUT YOU BEING A GRANDMA, FOLLOWED BY ME INQUIRING ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN. I CAN ONLY APOLOGIZE FOR OUR IGNORANCE. I love the fact that Tonia loved to sing, watching your interview, listening to you talk of your daughter when your feelings are raw, yet the love for her and your 'mother pride' shines through the dark cloud. I am going to share your blog with our prayer warriors too, knowing that in a world created by our Lord and Savior we are all in this together. WE LOVE YOU, AND WISH YOU PEACE, AND THE LOVE OF THE LORD ON THIS THANKSGIVING. WE LOVE YOU, (WENDY,, HEATHER'S MOM)

  2. Hi Kathy,I just read Wendy's comments about you on Heather's care page. God Bless you and your family on this Thanksgiving day. I have never met Heather and probably never will. I live in the oposite direction from Pittsburgh from the Millers and about the same distance away. I came across Heather through my cousin's granddaughter, Jordan Moy who is also a patient through Pittsburg Childrens.May God help ease your pain of your missing daughter. I have never been married or a parent; so I will never truly be able to understand your loss. It's been bad just following the loosing battles of a few young people on their care pages. I don't know how some of the families survive.Anyway, I'm thankful for what you've done for the Millers. May Christ's Peace and Love be with you.

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