Posted by: kathyhugs | December 15, 2009

Legal Update & Your help needed

Motions and evidence and more motions. The legal train keeps chugging along. The defense attorney, James Hartford, has been busy. First JC was allowed to leave jail in order to visit his Psychiatrist. Then Hartford files a motion to have another “expert” witness look at the bullet and the Sweet and Low box where the bullet was found. This was the same evidence that Hartford asked to have sent to Washington State last fall. The same evidence that caused the trial to be postponed before. So as the legal train continues we just hold on for the ride. Lynn should be issuing subpoenas for the witnesses for the January trial in the next week or so. Since it is so close to Christmas he may wait until after the holidays. I will keep you updated as the next steps happen.

I need your help! I have been trying to get some legal advice on starting up our non-profit organization. I have had one conversation with an attorney but my calls to others have hit a brick wall. Please pray that I find the right person to help us start the organization.

Thank you!


  1. Hello. I was one of the choir singers at the concert at St. John’s and we were given the link to your webpage. I see you are looking for legal assistance. I am a corporate paralegal with a Bethlehem law firm, King Spry Herman Freund & Faul. We set up charitable, nonprofit corporations. If you are interested in meeting with one of the firm’s corporate attorneys regarding this, I can be the liaison and make sure you get a response. .

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