Posted by: kathyhugs | February 2, 2010

Do you FROG?

FROG: Fully Rely on God!

Rick and I just returned from the celebration service for Heather Miller. What an amazing testimony of God’s love and faithfulness to this family. Heather touched so many lives in the 11 years that she was alive. Her parents and sister all spoke at the service. They were wonderful. They talked about their love for each other and Heather, About Heather and her unspoken acts of love that she showed everyone and how much God has sustained them. The service was packed. People showed up to show their respects for Heather and the family and the majority of them were wearing their FROG bracelets.

Heather walked the walk. She lived out how to Fully Rely on God. Wendy spoke about how her life was like a puzzle, with God making up the outer edges and that each one of us were a part of the puzzle that made up Heather’s life. She challenged everyone at the service to continue to FROG and to continue to make a difference with the puzzle pieces that we are given. I carry a little metal frog in my pocket that has the word believe on it’s stomach. It was given to me by the Miller family a few months ago. I will continue to carry it to remember this beautiful young lady and our God who heals, who saves and who loves us all.

I will continue to FROG. It is the only way to truly live, to truly love and to truly honor God.

Heather we will miss you for now but I know we will see each other again. It will be a joyous smile filled reunion!

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