Posted by: kathyhugs | February 16, 2010

Travels, Setbacks and hopes

Recently, Sean, Rick and I have been doing some traveling. Sean is interested in going to Seminary after his undergraduate degree is finished this December! What a journey he has been experiencing! First an engineer major at Penn State main campus while a Navy ROTC midshipman then home to get his head back on straight after Tonia died. A year off of school, working at Camp Ligonier and many prayers later, God leads him to go to Geneva College as a Biblical Studies major. This is a 180 degree about-face, the road diverged in a woods and I took the one not traveled by moment! So we traveled to Dallas Theological Seminary last November. This past weekend we visited Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and in April we have another visit scheduled. We are going along for the ride. We get to hear from him what he is thinking and experiencing during these visits. It is awesome to watch God’s hand at work. Sean still has some decisions to make but he is slowly and deliberately taking steps to make those decisions. I am so proud of him!

Today I have an appointment with another attorney to talk about the foundation. The last attorney we met with just wasn’t interested in helping us out. After two weeks of waiting around for a letter from him outlining the steps we still needed to take, I finally got fed up and pulled the plug. Today I have an appointment with the son-in-law of our accountant. He is actually the first attorney I talked to but I was intimidated with the firm that he works for! Me, intimidated by the name of law firm. I didn’t know anything about the firm except what I read online. Yes I was intimidated! I don’t know why but every time I went to call him back I hesitated and found something else to do! But I guess that God had other plans because when I finally decided that Russ was the lawyer to talk to I sent him an email at the office on Friday evening at 11:00 and on Saturday morning I had an email back with today’s appointment set! I was amazed that he even answered that quickly especially on a Saturday. So maybe today I can get the rest of the pieces put into place. I am a terrible at waiting!

So my hope for today is that we continue to walk the path that God has planned for us. My hope is that what I want is God’s will and not just my own. Slowly Rick, Sean and I are being refined by fire. Our lives have changed and we are still changing. God has set our feet on a path that still is hard for us to see. The road ahead still has curves so that we can only see the path immediately in front of us. But faith is believing the Word of God, acting upon it, no matter how I feel, because God promises a good result in the end!

Today I have to thank God for everything He has done in the past, everything He is doing today and for the plans that I trust Him to do in the future! May you have a day that you walk in confidence with God!

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