Posted by: kathyhugs | February 22, 2010

Foundation news? Court date

Well I went to see another attorney last week but once again I came away from the meeting disappointed. The company is a large firm and although Russ was very nice, his firm felt that anything under one million dollars wasn’t something they could really help with. They would do the ground work but…. I want someone who has some excitement or at least a buy in to my idea. I know that I can probably get the legal work done online but I believe that in order for a business, a family or an idea to thrive it has to be encouraged by the people involved. This is so much more than non-profit foundation, this is about affecting change. This is about people reaching out and caring about other people. This is about God using ordinary people to take an evil act such as a murder to turn it into a way to reach out to a community.

So tonight I said a prayer, did another search and contacted another attorney. Maybe this time God will create a connection. He can even when I can’t. So once again we wait.

March 5, 2010 is 11 days away. The sentencing hearing. The end of the legal journey. Maybe a chance for family to start coming back together after the words that have been spoken and the emotions that have erupted. To everything there is a season. I am ready for this season to be over. 11 days. Yes, I am counting. I am waiting. I am trusting God. That is enough.  God Bless.

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