Posted by: kathyhugs | March 21, 2010

A Season of Prayer

Prayer is so crucial to helping us to connect with God. A voice lifted up to the One who never sleeps and is always ready to listen can mean the difference in a moment and even in a life. My church Chippewa E. Free Church has a new blog called A Season of Prayer. We are asking the people of the church to pray for someone on our hearts at least an hour a day leading up to Easter. We have written their names out and they have been placed on a wall in our church for everyone to see. This post really reminded me of the power of prayer. Please let me know how I can pray for you!

Who Are You?

Your name has been placed before me and I have been asked to pray for you.
But who are you, Sydney or Kelly or Danny or Larry?
And who loved you so much that they would present your name before me?
Was it your mother or father?
Perhaps it was your brother or sister?
Maybe even your son or daughter?

But who are you Jessica or Warren or Jon or Ryan?
And who loved you so much that they would present your name before me?
Could it be that it was not family at all?
Might it have been your boss or someone who works for you?
Perhaps it was your doctor or your nurse?
Or was it the other way around,
A patient you treated?

But who are you Scott or Rosco or Laurie or Sam?
And who loved you so much that they would present your name before me?
I don’t know who brought your name forward.
But one thing I know is that he or she loves you very much.
They have shed tears for you.
They have followed Jesus to the throne of the Father
And now they have asked me and many others to join them there.
Are you living an ordinary life?
Or is your life filled with strife?
I was once a name that was brought forth. Someone once loved me so much that they brought others with them to the throne room of God.
I was stubborn as a mule.
Yet they persisted.
I was confused by it all.
Yet they loved me still.
It was all a mystery to me and I asked why?
But then the God in heaven heard their cry
And because of His great love for me He drew me in.
He drew me into His fold
To live a life filled with peace untold.

You are still a mystery to me
But I will gladly join the one who brought your name forth
So that you too can enjoy the warm embrace
Of the Father who longs to hold your face.

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