Posted by: kathyhugs | April 24, 2010

Lessons: And a child shall lead them

Over the last several months I have had the privilege to meet several young people who have influenced my life in ways that are still being discovered. I wanted to share with you a story about one of them. I have changed the name and the identifying details because he is a patient of mine but this story is true.

This young man has cancer. He has been fighting it for a very long time. God has given him time. God has given his family the gift of time. He is on experimental chemotherapy now. About a week ago he left his hospital appointment and had a talk with his parents. From his mom’s journal: “The first thing he said was that we are not giving God enough credit for what He has done for us. Secondly, he said that he was going to continue to have God use him to tell others about God. He has purchased Bibles for people that he wants to give encouragement to and personally wrote them letters and mailed them. His encouragement is that they take time each day to read the Bible because he does and it has really made a difference in his life. He hopes that God’s word will for all of you!”

This week I had the honor to see the process first hand. He gave a bible and his letter to his doctor and to one of the nursing research coordinators. The nursing coordinator came down to talk to me right after they left. She was so touched and blown away by his gift to her. She said that she was overwhelmed. She shared the doctors conversation with him about religion and faith. She was in tears by his gift. She felt loved.

This young man is making a huge difference in His sphere of influence. He is holding onto the lessons that he has learned. He is wearing his faith as a banner for all to see. He is trusting God and taking each day as a gift. When I see him we dance, we hug, we love.

This family is always so kind and patient. We were teasing each other about food and restaurants. They went to have pancakes at a place nearby but they couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant. His father took the time to grab a menu and then bring it to me so I could go check out the restaurant. I will go and have pancakes and think of this young man.

My prayer is that God gives him even more time, selfishly so I can hug him and love on him some more but even more importantly so that others have the opportunity to see the light of God shining through him. I love him. We dance. We hug. I learn how beautiful God is especially in the midst of pain and struggles.

My life has been forever blessed, forever touched. Thank you God for allowing me to see you through this young man. God is so good!

Update April 26: I just found out that this young man will be on hospice care starting tomorrow. Please pray for this family. I have been blessed to have been able to get to know him.

Update: Friday, April 30 at 7:49pm, Mason went home to be with Our Father in Heaven. My life has been forever touched by this young man and his family.

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