Posted by: kathyhugs | May 12, 2010

Mother’s Day thoughts

Mother’s Day 2010 my wonderful husband and son took me out to dinner. We went to Outback where I indulged in a steak and crab legs. Delicious! It was a tender day. Yes I cried. My heart hurts missing Tonia. I think I will always have the moments in my life when I remember and wonder what if.  But I also cried at the blessings I have been given. Family and friends who love me and allow me to just be me. Young people in my life who gave me an extra hug on Mother’s Day. Don’t tell me that young people today are selfish, I will disagree. They can see outside themselves, they can reach out to others and lift them up. I have been blessed.

I am blessed to have my son at home for right now. Sean started out at Penn State majoring in aeronautical engineering and in the Navy ROTC program. He had finished 2 years at Penn State when July 1, 2007 happened. His sister died. He left on his first submarine cruise and then back to Penn State for his junior year. Everything caught up with him and he made the decision in December to come home. He needed time to be around us. He needed time to heal. God started working on his heart. After working at Camp Ligionier for the summer of 2008, Sean decided to transfer to Geneva College. He is majoring in Biblical Studies and he will be finished with his degree in December. Last week he got some wonderful news. He has been accepted at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He will start his Master’s of Divinity program in January! I am so proud of him. He has survived! He is thriving. So for this season he is home with us which is good for me. It gives me a time to enjoy him as an adult. It gives me a chance to enjoy Mother’s Day with one of my children here with me. I am so thankful.

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