Posted by: kathyhugs | February 5, 2011

12 Days and counting down to a serving of …..?

12 Days until my liver surgery. The alien that has attached itself to my liver continues to spread its relationship around the area. The host body has been unaware that the alien has pushed and prodded its way into the neighborhood shared by the stomach and the esophagus. Its presence has tried to throw its weight around with some moderate success. The esophagus is receiving a message from the stomach in the form of reflux. Reflux is that annoying sharing of the gastric juices of the stomach. The esophagus is fighting back by trying to expel this juice by coughing and throwing a fit. The alien wiggles and shakes with laughter reveling in the fact that chaos is being caused. But… the host body brings in wise counsel… the doctor says “we can beat this invasion”.  First weapon will be the Knight known as Prilosec.  He will take care of the dread pirate reflux.  To assist the brave knight we will send in a reinforcement designed by the Creator. This element will quench the thirst of the esophagus and the stomach. This magic elixir is …. Water. The alien will shrink back as this wave washes over the host body sweeping away the sneak attack.

The alien retaliated by expanding even further into the abdominal area, leaving the host body unable to wear the favorite pair of jeans or any tight waist pants. Unfair, ungentlemanly behavior on the part of the alien. But the host body knows something that the alien does not: 12 more days! Then who will be laughing?  In the meantime the host body is being very goofy. She bought these silly pajamas to  wear into the hospital and afterward. They are purple and pink and fuzzy. Maybe the alien will be scared off by the sight of them!

The countdown clock has started. Stay tuned for the next segment of …. The attack of the liver alien!

Laughter and hugs!

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