Posted by: kathyhugs | February 16, 2011

Alien Delivery: 24 Hours and Counting!

Okay the preparations are being made; delivery time is almost here.  The nesting instinct has kicked into gear. The house is getting cleaned. The beds are stripped and everything is being washed.  The hospital bag is being packed, again!

The alien is getting restless. His troops are kicking into gear. The dread Pirate Reflux has been trying to poison the taste of food but the stomach is okay with that due to a lack of appetite and the room to consume much! Breathing is better when the two pillows keep the lungs open. The countdown has begun. Soft foods and lots of liquids will fortify the body for the upcoming events.

One last night of sleep in the host bed, then…. the alarm will go off at 4:00. The trek to the hospital will begin at 4:40.  Anticipation will increase when registration and pre-op starts at 5:30.  The troops will be assembled. The wise surgeon, the sleepy time doc, and the delivery team will be at their stations, weapons ready to mount the offensive attack.  Prayers have surrounded all of the players involved.

Soon it will begin, the alien will be delivered and the body can begin healing. The I-Pod player bear will create an ambiance of beautiful praise and worship music as the host body awakens….

To be continued!


  1. Praying!

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