Posted by: kathyhugs | March 16, 2011

Why bad things happen: something I once heard and agree with.

I was with friends last night and the topic of why bad things happen in this world came up. This is my paraphrase from the speaker I heard. I have simplified the message but this works for me!

When someone questions me about how I accept that God didn’t cause Tonia’s death or any of the other “bad things” that happen to people this is what I say:

When God created the world he created the perfect paradise. Where humans, Adam and Eve, could walk and talk with God face to face. They were living in perfect harmony. It was very good!

But Satan came into the perfect place and tempted them. They had the choice to turn away and rely on God but instead they choose to believe evil and accept it into their perfect lives.

The consequences for their choice affected all of mankind. They were banished from the perfect paradise into the world where Satan roars and tries to tears us down. When evil entered the world it became a part of our lives. Diseases, death, sinful choices all mock the perfect paradise that was once ours. So diseases rob our body. Death steals our children and sinful choices cause pain. But God wants us to be back in that perfect paradise with him. So to pay for the consequences of our sin, He sent his son to carry our burdens and to die for us. He not only gave his son for us, he understands how we feel when one of our children die. He allowed his son to die for us in order to restore the perfect paradise that he created for us.

So in this world we will have trouble but I rejoice that God has overcome the world!. So the world has a choice: choose sin and the ugly consequences of eternity without God or choose God and eternity with him!

My simple version of why bad things happen. Hope it makes sense. Love you!

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