Posted by: kathyhugs | April 11, 2011

Ideas for Marriages

Rick and I have been talking about the future. We aren’t sure what it looks like but here are a few things we have been discussing:

We both are very concerned about the marriages we see around us both with in the church and in our circle of friends. We both understand how much work it takes to make a marriage strong but we also understand how wonderful a great marriage cemented by God feels.

We both want to be able to encourage the marriages around us. We want to be able to share our passion for God, for life and for each other in a way that may make a difference.

How do we encourage couples to talk, to share to grow closer together, and to grow closer to God?

How do we encourage families to become strong together?

How do you define a strong marriage?

A husband and wife committed to building their relationship with each other and their relationship with God

A marriage that endures despite struggles, despite the sins of the past.

Marriage is defined by God. He designed it to be a triple-cord made up of the husband, the wife focusing on God. This together focus should strengthen a marriage. Unfortunately we have been seeing more and more marriages falling apart after years of being married. They have forgotten their commitment to God to cherish each other, to sacrifice self for each other.  I know that we have had to remind each other over and over that God comes first, my spouse comes second and I come last. Focus is on God and not on me! But this only works when both spouses are acting in this manner. Communication is so critically important.

RIck and I have been meeting with our pastor and with several other wise couples in our church for years. Something needs to be done to prevent marriages from falling apart when the difficulties of life or even the sameness of life keeps hitting the family.  We are working on a plan of action to present to our church leadership that may spark a discussion and hopefully God will use to start a fire within the church and community!

Please be in prayer for this. We are so burdened for the families!

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