Tonia’s Legacy

Tonia’s Legacy

We desire to keep the memory of our daughter alive by remembering those things that she held dear; music, drama and family. Tonia loved to sing, dance and act. She was involved in chorus, high school plays and she loved anything to do with music. She loved family and the ideas of becoming a mother one day.

We have learned that in order to not only survive but to thrive after the death of our daughter that we had to grow closer to God and grow closer as a couple. Promoting strong, God centered marriages is our desire in order to  help others to become the couple that God desired.

Goal change and seasons change.

We are passionate about helping marriages and promoting strong families. There are two organizations that we are going to support with any speaking fees or other donations that keep coming in.

The first is Family Life! We are very involved in their marriage ministry especially The Art of Marriage and Weekend to Remember.

The 2nd organization is Noble Warriors. This organization wants to show men how to become the leaders, the husbands and the fathers that God created them to be. I am very passionate about this group. I can’t help but think that if JC had a strong relationship in his life that maybe things wouldn’t have turned out this way but that would be doubting God’s sovereignty! But I can promote them and maybe help another family from experiencing what we have.



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